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A 50 hectare site in the Pacific coastal mountains of Costa Rica

This project is located on a 120-acre, densely forested mountain side in Costa Rica which overlooks the Pacific Ocean. The project brief calls for a low-density development of 18 houses. The Probyn Miers Master Plan has enabled approximately 95% of the site to remain forested, with 40% protected as a natural reserve. The preservation of the flora and fauna on the site is a priority, including the protection and further planting of native tree species in danger of extinction. The planting strategy also provides plants for the indigenous birds, butterflies and the wide variety of animal life. The protection of the site’s environment will remain a priority throughout construction and completion of the building.

The development of a Master Plan, building of a new public road and the reconstruction of internal roads within the site are tasks on which Probyn Miers has focused. Alongside this, the planning and monitoring of a reforestation and landscaping plan has already been implemented; this first phase has been completed with the planting of around 35,000 trees and plants.

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