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Project Rescue

Probyn Miers has been called in on many projects to review, advise and assist in project completion.

This has varied from challenges in identifying and directing critical works required to achieving Practical Completion, to providing independent, confidential advice on team restructuring.

Our involvement can range from confidential advice on key issues of design, procurement or materials and workmanship through to providing back-up consultancy on an ongoing basis, or taking over contract administration. Where appropriate we work closely with the client’s legal team and with other consultants in different specialist disciplines.

  • Bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience in design, construction technology, construction law and dispute resolution;
  • Available to act as a consultant to the design and/or construction team;
  • Able to provide an independent overview to an investor or insurer;
  • Bringing to the project a track record of expertise developed over years in the industry.
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