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Remedial Works Consultancy

Probyn Miers has extensive experience in the investigation and remediation of building defects in projects around the world. With our team’s track record of over 30 years of experience we bring specialist expertise to find effective ways to remedy both design and construction defects.

We have worked with building owners and consultants to re-design project details to maintain the appearance while improving technical performance. Where required Probyn Miers refers to associated specialists, such as for computer thermal modeling of prospective details, to assess performance before construction.

    • Available either to design and administer the remedial works contract or to act as a consultant to the design and construction team;
    • Resolution of problems ranging from water penetration, compliance with regulations, acoustic and sound transmission issues, specification problems, fire compartmentation, deficiencies with finishes and decorations, etc;
    • Our expertise is available for employers, contractors, insurers, architects, consultants, occupiers or others.










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