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Client: Solicitors for architect
Situation: This case concerned a housing scheme which provides sheltered housing and assisted living apartments for elderly people in a block up to 5 storeys high.Various defects including cracking, buckling and uneven floors at external walls, lift shaft and roof, and rotation of window cills, were caused by differential movement in the timber-framed block, which included brick cladding and other constructions, requiring £0.5m remedial works.
Action: Probyn Miers was appointed to give expert opinion on alleged defects in the design and construction.  Matters investigated included moisture content of the timber frame, shrinkage of the timber frame, expansion of the brickwork and other movements that should have been anticipated, with reference to contemporary published guidance.  Tasks included analysis of architect’s and timber frame specialist’s details, including movement joints and compressible fillers.  We also compared the design with the construction as built.
Result: The case was settled by negotiation shortly after mediation.


Client: Solicitors for architect and PI insurers
Situation: New accommodation had been built for a well-known secondary school with a large residential campus in the south of England.  Water ingress occurred around window openings and through brickwork features.  The Claimant was mainly concerned with faulty construction by the Contractor, but also alleged faulty design and inadequate inspection by the architect.
Action: Probyn Miers was appointed to give expert opinion.  This raised issues of brickwork detailing and weathering and the extent of the architect’s inspection duties.  Probyn Miers prepared a report for the client.
Result: The case was settled at mediation.


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