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Client: Solicitors for the Parochial Church Council
Situation: A timber platform was erected on the church’s wood block floor.  After completion, the platform’s timber surface started to deform, and eventually had to be removed.  The cause was identified as a high level of moisture inside the platform, which was then entirely removed.  The moisture had caused damage and rotting to the underlying wood block floor.  The Parochial Church Council sought advice concerning how the defect might have arisen and whether any party might be held liable for the costs of repairing the floor and replacing the platform.
Action: Probyn Miers examined the relevant documents and drawings, visited the site and took measurements of damp, temperature and humidity.  In common with older buildings generally the church and its floor were not of damp-proof construction and relied on natural evaporation from interior surfaces to moderate dampness.
Result: Probyn Miers identified the most probable and predominant cause of the excessive moisture as being the suppression of evaporation from the floor by the overlying platform structure, the interior of which was inadequately ventilated.

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