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Cladding and Curtain Walling

Client: Solicitors for the main contractor’s insurer
Situation: Artificial stone cladding panels started to fall off a newly completed urban hotel, following which its entire exterior had to be re-clad.  Allocation of liability depended on whether faulty design or faulty installation of the panel fixings was the predominant cause.
Action: PM analysed the original subcontract drawings and details, together with many photographs taken during remedial investigation.  PM found anomalies and deficiencies in the fixings’ original setting out, and in consequent redesigns during site works.
Result: Although some significant design failings were identified, the workmanship itself was so extensively defective that failure would have occurred whatever design had been followed.  On the basis of PM’s findings, Counsel advised that workmanship could reasonably be regarded as the predominant cause.

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