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On behalf of us all at Probyn Miers: COVID-19 

In the light of the Covid-19 pandemic, Probyn Miers continues working with immediate procedures in place to ensure the excellence and continuity of our operations while safeguarding the safety of our team and all those with whom we work during these uncertain times. We have put in place a practical, solutions-oriented working system with flexibility to operate over the coming weeks and months:

  • Please continue to use our email addresses and our main office telephone number for all points of contact. Whilst our offices in London and Dubai are open, we are fully prepared to ensure uninterrupted services to our clients in the event that a temporary office closure is required, in which case we will inform you directly or by our website. In this event you will have the phone numbers of each of our team members with whom you are working closely, and our calls at Hamilton House are set up to be diverted to our Admin team.
  • Everybody at Probyn Miers is working remotely and efficiently. All our internal systems and processes are supported through our Cyber Security and GDPR accreditations as well as through our QA accreditation.
  • Probyn Miers is able to adapt and respond through our excellent IT support team. They have been with us for over 16 years now and are unconditional to meeting our needs and standards.
  • All meetings are being conducted by video conferencing and telephone conference calls. We can run video conferencing meetings whenever you need them, directed to your laptop or PC, and can invite in participants from multiple locations. Documents can be viewed and shared on screen as required.
  • We have our internal meetings and communications with the whole team weekly where we all catch up on the wellbeing of each other and manage the needs of each client accordingly.
  • Site visits will be evaluated together with clients in order to postpone these visits. We will be reviewing this by mutual agreement and following government guidelines.
Probyn Miers will update you on any changes to this approach. I am confident that our team, our clients and our colleagues have what it takes for us to withstand the critical uncertainties in front of us. 
The team at Probyn Miers hopes you, your families and colleagues are well and managing the demanding challenges before us. 

Christopher Miers

Hamilton House: +44 20 7583 2244 
Admin Team: +44 7590 375637 / +447483 336506

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