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Delay & Extension of Time

Client: Local authority
Situation:  This case concerned delayed completion and increased costs in the refurbishment and extension of a local authority leisure centre, involving employer’s claims against the architect (for alleged late and incomplete design information) and against the contractor, including disagreement over the scope of services to be provided by the architect and about the standard of the lead consultant’s advice on procurement and buildability.  Probyn Miers was required to provide an opinion on the scope of the architect’s services, and the standards achieved in design, workmanship and contract administration.
Action: Probyn Miers issued reports during mediation and subsequent litigation on subjects as instructed by the client’s solicitors.
Result: Probyn Miers provided an expert opinion on the matters in dispute.


Client: Consultant Engineers
Situation:  This case concerned a District General Hospital where the Hospital Trust was bringing an action against all of the consultants including Project Manager, Project Architect and Engineers. We were employed as expert architects to review the performance of the architects.
Action: Particular issues of concern were the entitlement to extensions of time granted to the main contractor, and various other technical matters, in particular the integration of the mechanical and electrical works and the provision of co-ordinated drawings. We gave expert evidence at the trial on this matter.
Result: As a result the matter went to trial and a judgement was handed down.

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