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Development of 900 sq.m luxury house in Hampstead

An existing house of approximately 500sq m was demolished with the exception of the facade which was kept in place as a condition of the conservation area consent. A piled retaining wall was then constructed beneath the facade to enable a new basement to be excavated.

Behind the facade a new house was constructed. This had a substantially larger footprint than the house it replaced as well as a new basement over its whole area and a new storey in the roof giving a total floor area in excess of 900sq m.

There are 6 bedroom suites, each with its own dressing room and bathroom, 2 reception rooms, 2 kitchens a dining room for up to 24 guests, a family room, a gymnasium/sauna complex and accommodation for 2 permanent staff. The interiors were designed in conjunction with Nicky Haslam.

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