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Construction Adjudication Services

Within Probyn Miers we have some of the most experienced adjudicators in the construction industry. They are regularly appointed to adjudicate in a range of construction disputes and have been identified frequently as named adjudicators in contracts of up to £750m. To each appointment we are able to bring the range and depth of experience gained from our practice across the spectrum of construction dispute analysis and resolution.

As a complement to our adjudication practice, we are often appointed as expert witnesses in adjudication proceedings and are very familiar with the short timescales that are usually required.

In this role we can:

      • Provide expert services to parties involved in adjudication;
      • Respond quickly and flexibly to meet the particular challenges and timescales demanded;
      • Provide highly focussed reports on the core technical issues, within the constraints imposed by the nature of the adjudication process, and

Probyn Miers can also put forward appropriate candidates to be named as Adjudicator in construction contracts.


"Balanced and Fair.  Thorough and well researched reports. Sound judgment. Great insight. A pleasure to work with".
 Queen's Counsel

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