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Dispute Review of construction claims

Probyn Miers has a wealth of experience in Construction Dispute Resolution with an established track record of providing independent and confidential overviews of the technical issues in a dispute.

We are able to:

  • Considering a potential claim against a client, consultant or contractor, before the commencing of legal proceedings;
  • Providing an early independent overview of the matters alleged;
  • Assist in assessing the most appropriate form of dispute resolution to pursue;
  • Work alongside legal advisors and experts in other fields, where appropriate;
  • Advise on issues where settlement offers are under consideration.

Probyn Miers also has a network of experienced specialist consultants that we can refer to when necessary.

"We have instructed Probyn Miers on a number of matters over the last decade.
  When instructing them, I am confident that I will receive detailed, balanced
  and commercial advice which will assist my clients and me in determining the
  best resolution for a dispute, be it litigation, arbitration or adjudication".

 Instructing solicitor on behalf of insurer

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