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Investigation of building defects

Probyn Miers has a track record of excellence in the analysis of building defects, both as appointed expert witnesses and directly for building owners. Our experience extends across a wide range of construction types, cultures and environments.

In this area we are able to offer:

      • Systematic independent expert investigation of building defects;
      • Independent advice about the precise nature of building defects and the appropriate remedies;
      • Presentation of our analysis in a manner suited to formal dispute resolution procedures, where necessary;
      • Cooperation with other consultants where appropriate;
      • Consultancy on remedial works.

Probyn Miers involvement at an early stage of a project can minimise potential problems and contractual risks, and help to avoid later disputes.





"We have instructed Probyn Miers on a number of matters over the last decade.
  When instructing them, I am confident that I will receive detailed, balanced
  and commercial advice which will assist my clients and me in determining the
  best resolution for a dispute, be it litigation, arbitration or adjudication".

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