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Listed & Conservation Area Buildings

Client: Solicitors for architect
Situation: An architect designed the conversion of a Victorian house to multiple flats.  Following confusions at planning application stage, the local authority intervened to halt preparatory clearance work and to prosecute the architect for demolishing a building in a conservation area, although the building’s two public facades had been intentionally preserved.
Action: Probyn Miers analysed the primary documents and drawings, particularly those relating to the planning and conservation area consent applications.  Probyn Miers produced a report showing how others were primarily responsible for the allegedly excessive demolition, and illustrating how little real detriment had been caused to the conservation area’s visual character.
Result: The case was tried at the regional Crown court in front of a jury.  Probyn Miers expert gave evidence and was cross-examined, following which the architect was acquitted by a substantial majority verdict.

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