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Client: Ex partners in a firm of architects
Situation: An architects’ partnership had been dissolved and a complicated agreement reached between the 3 partners for the sharing of the assets including the intellectual property, clients and computer software including computer codes. This agreement was drawn up in to a retirement agreement which had not been honoured in all respects by any party. The matter went in to formal dispute resolution processes, and the parties agreed to mediate.
Action: A member of Probyn Miers was appointed as Mediator and a 1 day mediation was held.
Result: Parties reached agreement during the mediation and the mediator drew up an agreement with the assistance of the representatives’ solicitors for both parties.


Client: Offshore Trust acting for a private client and a UK firm of architects
Situation: This dispute concerned a very substantial private house which was being refurbished and extended by a well known firm of UK architects. The project had increased in scope and cost and the parties developed disagreements concerning the timing of the works on site and the architects’ fees in relation to what was said to be additional services. The parties agreed to refer the disagreements to mediation, while the project was still continuing.
Action: A member of Probyn Miers was appointed as Mediator. The parties attended a 1 day mediation.
Result: The mediation produced an agreement which was executed in the following week. The agreement encompassed the resolution of differences to date, and also provided for the continuing relationship of the parties through to project completion.

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