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Mixed Developments

Client: Privately owned property development company
Situation:  The case concerned delayed completion and increased costs in the construction of two mixed use buildings, involving employer’s claims against various consultants, with allegations of late, incomplete and defective design information (including issues of buildability); disputes over the scope of the architect’s services; non-payment of the architect’s fees; and claims about incorrect advice on procurement.  Probyn Miers was appointed to provide an opinion on standards of architectural design, workmanship and contract administration.
Action: Probyn Miers issued reports during litigation on subjects as instructed by the client’s solicitors.
Result: Probyn Miers provided an expert opinion on the matters in dispute.


Client: Design and build contractor
Situation: The contractor was faced with allegations of widespread and severe defects in the construction of a large hotel as the results of defective design and/or poor workmanship.  PM was appointed to examine the design provided as part of the Employer’s Requirements, and the design as built, and comment on the likely cause and the severity of the defects observed
Action: Probyn Miers provided a report on issues of design and workmanship, and gave evidence in the ensuing arbitration.
Result: The arbitrator’s award was in favour of contractor.



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