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Newsletter ‘Perspective’ -a compilation-

‘Perspective’ is part of Probyn Miers’ knowledge sharing policy directed to the construction industry and our clients. It is a is a quarterly publication with articles that are intentionally short and that establish the bases for in-depth discussions at our in-house talks and workshops. Our articles are also published by other journals and publications with prior agreement. Please contact us if you want to find out more.

Past Issues

BIM and Construction Contracts – By Frank Newbery

BIM: a collaborative approach to risk management & mitigation? – By David King

Architects Keeping Good Records – By Michael Ogus

RIBA New Code of Conduct 2019 – By Katerina Hoey

Fire and Tall Buildings – Progress on safety? – By Frank Newbery

Expert evidence in construction cases– a view from the tub – By Bart Kavanagh

A random selection – Choosing samples for inspection – By Michael Ogus

Fire Safety Record Information – A consideration in the light of the review of the Building Regulations – By John Gouldsmith

Experts in the dock – Recent criticisms of expert evidence – By Bart Kavanagh

This Year’s Model – The CIC BIM Protocol Revised – By David King

Making Best Use of Experts in Complex Disputes – By John Gouldsmith

One size fits all or made to measure? Is the professional standard of care about to be reassessed?  – By Bart Kavanagh

Design Responsibility – The Unassuming Designer – By Bart Kavanagh

BIM and “Revocability”  – By Frank Newbery

Architects: Beware the Budget!  – By Katerina Hoey

Fire Risk in Tall Building Façade systems: The Independent Review of UK Building Regulations and Fire Safety – Is the new UAE fire code relevant to UK post-Grenfell Tower? – By Christopher Miers

Independence and Impartiality in Arbitration – By Magdalena Prus

What’s That Smell? – Olfactory Forensics or Following Your Nose – By Robin Orme

The New Pre Action Protocol and Expert Evidence – By Bart Kavanagh

But it was approved… Building Control and Design Responsibility – By Frank Newbery

Procurement – a view from Dubai, Part 2 – By Karen Pharaoh-Tillon

Access to Justice: Recent Developments in Alternative Dispute Resolution – By Katerina Hoey

BIM: Marching to Level 3 – Can the Law Keep Pace? – By Frank Newbery

Procurement – a view from Dubai, Part 1 – By Karen Pharaoh-Tillon

Fire Safety in Tall Buildings – Part 2 The Future – By Martin Edwards

Enforcement of International Commercial Mediation Settlement Agreements – By Christopher Miers

There’s Many a Slip – But Do They All Need Expert Help? – By Bart Kavanagh

Fire Risks From External Cladding Panels – A Perspective From The UK – By Martin Edwards

Fire Safety in Tall Buildings – Part 1 – By Martin Edwards

The Use of Modified FIDIC Forms in the UAE – By Catherine Joshi

Expert Evidence in Adjudication – By Gerard McLean 

Fire Safety in Timber Framed Buildings: Part 1 & Part 2 Fire spread in cavities – UK Building Regulations past, present and future – Martin Edwards

Contractual Responsibility for Specialist Design – Bart Kavanagh

RIBA Work Stages – Getting the paperwork in order – Gerard Mclean

Experts in Low Value Disputes – Robin Orme 

The Architect Who Knew Too Much About Fire’ – External Article 

Think Twice When Giving Advice – Bart Kavanagh

What can one expect from a Stage D Report – Gerard Mclean

Planning Applications: Hope and Homework – Frank Newbery 

BIM and Professional Risk – Update – Frank Newbery

Digging Through History – Obrascon Huarte Lain S.A. v Her Majesty’s Attorney General for Gibraltar – Christopher Miers

A Stitch in Time? – Bart Kavanagh

Designing Buildings for Fire Safety: BS 9999:2008 – Martin Edwards 

Trebor Basset – A case of ‘Suck it and See’ – Bart Kavanagh

Dispute Avoidance under FIDIC contracts – Christopher Miers

Planning Reform Proposals – Martin Edwards

Procurement Advice: The Role of the Architect – Gerard Mclean 

Changes to The UK Construction Act – Clarification of the New Payment Provisions – Robin Orme

The Role of Lead Consultant in Design and Build Procurement – Bart Kavanagh

BIM Copyright and Licensing – Frank Newbery 

Enforcement of DAB Decisions: The final piece of the ‘Persero’ jigsaw supports the immediate enforcement of DAB decisions via arbitration – Christopher Miers

Building control in Dubai – A Variety: How approval processes can differ across one city – Nick Hutsteiner

Final Certificates and the “Conclusive Evidence” Clause under JCT: An update – Katerina Hoey 

A Complete BIM Toolkit? – Frank Newbery

Expo 2020 Dubai: Adopting the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic model – Christopher Miers

Subterranean Home Trick Blues – Katerina Hoey 


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