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Offices, Commercial

Client: Major contractor
Situation: Probyn Miers has worked with major national and international contractors in achieving practical completion on commercial projects. In this case a 120,000 square foot new build office project in the UK was in protracted delay, and the contractor anticipated various difficulties in achieving handover.
Action: Probyn Miers assisted by reviewing all principal areas of the works in the same manner as would an Employers Agent and advising the contractor on key areas for attention in order to achieve Practical Completion. Furthermore, we undertook detailed surveys of the condition of the new external cladding for the purpose of scheduling out the necessary repairs before completion.  We also reviewed all internal areas in order to advise on what work might reasonably be required for Practical Completion to be granted.
Result: The building was ultimately handed over successfully after remedial works were put in hand externally and internally.


Client: Solicitors for the main contractor
Situation: The Contractor had substantially completed work on a new speculative commercial office building and had offered it for Practical Completion. The construction contract contained an unusually onerous, amended, clause with regard to the definition of practical completion. (PC was to be at the absolute discretion of the Client and in any event would not be granted if there were more than 4 defects which could not be rectified within 2 hours in any of the following categories: building fabric, building services, landscaping). The Developer, who had not been successful in finding a tenant for the building, had refused to certify PC and had stated his intention to levy L&A Ds
Action: Prpbyn Miers carried out a site inspection and prepared a preliminary report, which was delivered the following day so as to be available for a meeting between the contractor and developer. The report identified only one issue, (certification of lift controls, which was in progress during the site inspection), that would reasonably prevent PC.
Result: No further action was required from Probyn Miers. It is assumed that the meeting between the Contractor and Developer resulted in PC being certified.

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