Perspective Spring 2019

Probyn Miers welcomes you to our Spring 2019 edition of ‘Perspective’ which brings you news, information and points of view on topical issues relevant to construction lawyers, architects, contractors, engineers, insurers and to all our colleagues and friends in the international and UK Construction Industry.

Fire and Tall Buildings – Progress on safety?
By Frank Newbery
In this article I look at how the official guidance on Fire Safety has been modified in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire, what the current requirements are, and what further modifications might be desired or expected in due course. Of central importance is the Building Regulations…..  Read More

Expert evidence in construction cases– a view from the tub
By Bart Kavanagh
At a recent event on negotiation skills at the Academy of Experts the speaker, a negotiator in international and domestic hostage situations, emphasised that the most important skill he needed was listening. And his first rule of listening? – don’t ask questions. His view, based on experience…..  Read More

Updates & News

A Landmark Case – Literally

Blue Manchester v North West Ground Rents [2019] EWHC 142 (TCC)

In January Bart Kavanagh gave evidence at the TCC in Manchester’s Civic Justice Centre in this case involving the iconic Manchester Landmark, the Beetham Tower. The matter resulted from the discovery that a number of glass panels in the external facades had begun to debond from their carrier frames. HHJ Stephen Davies decided that a remedial solution designed for the short term did not constitute repair for an indefinite period and ordered specific performance of a permanent remedy. He also acknowledged that the effect of the temporary remedial works on the aesthetics of the building were relevant to the issue of repair. The judgment can be found on Bailii at the following link: