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Recent Public Speaking (a selection) 

      • “Overview of Dispute Resolution in the Middle East”; The International ADR Boot Camp, Jun 2018, London
      • “International Commercial Mediation – Commercial issues Beneath the Surface”; Hong Kong Mediation Conference, May 2018, Hong Kong
      • “Dispute Boards developments and initiatives in Latin America”; DRBF Conference, April 2018, Mexico
      • “DAB new provisions under new FIDIC contracts”;  FIDIC International Contracts Users Conference, Dec 2017, London
      • Christopher Miers Live TV Interview on Grenfell Tower fire; BBC 100 Days+, June 2017, London
      • “Christopher Miers Live TV Interview on Grenfell Tower fire”; Sky News, June 2017, London
      • Christopher Miers Radio Interview on Grenfell Tower fire; Wake Up Money, June 2017, London
      • Christopher Miers TV Interview on Grenfell Tower fire; BBC News Night, June 2017, London
      • “Christopher Miers Live TV Interview on Grenfell Tower fire”; TRT World News, June 2017, Turkey
      • “Dispute Boards – Su Uso Exitoso en la Entrega de Proyectos”; CNEC, Feb 2017, Mexico
      • “The BIM Revolution and its Impact on FIDIC Contracts in the Middle East”; FIDIC Middle East, Feb 2017, Abu Dhabi
      • “Developing a collaborative approach to conflict avoidance”; RICS Dispute Resolution in Construction Conference, Jan 2017, London
      • “RADAR Talk – The Importance of Dispute Avoidance”; Interview with Edward Moore at ResoLex, Dec 2016
      • “DABs role under FIDIC conditions”; FIDIC International Contracts Users Conference, Dec 2016, London
      • “The BIM Revolution and its Impact on FIDIC Contract Management”; FIDIC International Contracts Users Conference, Dec 2016, London
      • Conflict Avoidance Initiatives; Probyn Miers’ Annual Conference, Oct 2016, London
      • “Unexpected Risks In Building Insurance”; MEIR 10th Anniversary Summit, April 2016, Dubai
      • “Contractual Relevance of BIM Protocols & Their Application”; FIDIC Middle East Conference, Feb 2016, Dubai
      • “Understanding Dispute Boards”; FIDIC Middle East Conference, Feb 2016, Dubai
      • “RICS Dispute Resolution in Construction: Dispute Adjudication Boards”; RICS Dispute Resolution in Construction Conference, Jan 2016, London
      • “Dispute Avoidance for Construction in the Middle East”; Probyn Miers’ Annual Conference, Nov 2015, Dubai
      • “A Hospital Pass? Issues in the Transfer of Design Responsibility”; Probyn Miers’ Annual Conference, Sept 2015, London
      • “Making Technology Work for You, Projects And Staff – Impact of BIM”; FIDIC International Infrastructure Conference, Sept 2015, Dubai
      • “Adjudicação Solução para gestão de conflitos em Construções” ; Instituto de Engenharia, Sept 2015, Brazil
      • “Arbitrajes y los Dispute Boards en Materia de Construcción: Beneficios y Diferencias”; Centro de Convenciones CSS, July 2015, Santiago, Chile
      • “Collaborative Working and the use of Conflict Avoidance Panels”; RICS, ADR Symposium, June 2015, Dubai
      • “Advantages of Dispute Boards in International Projects and Dispute Adjudication Boards in Latin America”, March 2015, Bogota
      • “Dispute Boards in a Statutory Environment: Olympics & Paralympics London 2012-Rio Janeiro 2016”, DRBF Conference on “Real-time Dispute Avoidance & Resolution for Construction Projects”, February 2015, Kenya
      • Construction Law, Arbitration & Dispute Resolution in the UAE”; Al Tamimi Master Class in Construction, January 2015, Dubai
      • “Using BIM as a Worldwide Standard under a FIDIC Project-Recent Experiences”; FIDIC International Contract Users Conference, Dic 2014, London
      • “Arbitration in the Middle East”; CIArb International Conference, Dubai Construction week, Nov 2014, Dubai
      • “BIM under a FIDIC project”; FIDIC Conference, Oct 2014, USA
      • “Dispute Boards: Preventing Disagreements from Escalating into Disputes”; Probyn Miers Annual Conference, Sept 2014, London
      • “Prevention & Resolution of Disputes” / “Dispute Boards & Arbitration”; Chambers of Construction Chile, Oct 2014, Chile
      • “Dispute Boards: An Alternative before Arbitration”; The Attorney General’s Office, Ecuador, International Law Conference. Quito, Oct 2014, Ecuador
      • “The Adjudicator Perspective Do’s and Don’ts”, a talk on “Adjudication What Can We Learn from the UK Experience?”, Matheson’s, Dublin, May 2014, Ireland
      • “Hybrid Dispute Boards”; DRBF Annual Conference- Singapore: “The Growth in The Use of Dispute Boards Around the World”, May 2014, Singapore
      • “Confidentiality”; RIBA Seminar on “BIM and Copyright”, April 2014, London
      • “Re-Thinking How We Handle Disagreements”-a talk on Dispute Boards for “TEDx” in Ecuador, Quito, “TEDx” La Carolina, March 2014, Ecuador
      • “The DRBF and Dispute Boards”; Arbitration and Mediation Centre-Chambers of Commerce Quito, Ecuador (Centro de Arbitraje y Mediación Camara  de Comercio de Quito, Ecuador), March 2014, Quito


Christopher Miers on Dispute Boards – Colegio Federado de Ingenieros y de Arquitectos de Costa Rica


A genuine and informative interview from Christopher Miers on BBC News Night


RADAR Talk – ‘The Importance of Dispute Avoidance’ interview with Edward Moore at ResoLex.


An interview with Managing Director, Christopher Miers at the FIDIC International Contracts Users’ Conference London 2012.

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