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Teresa Miers


Co-Founder and Director

Teresa has been the Director at Probyn Miers leading the marketing and business developing policies and actions. She is a key thinker within our team for her creative input and marketing strategies.

She also oversees a diversity of administrative tasks at Probyn Miers as well as leading the recruitment needs and supporting the wide range of everyday needs of our practice.
Teresa‘s background goes back to three years of architecture studies before moving into her university studies in Social Sciences.

Prior to co-founding Probyn Miers, Teresa’s career had taken her to work closely with non-governmental international organisations (NGO’s): Past Director of Development Programmes for economically disadvantaged groups in Costa Rica (1979-1984). In that capacity her role included the specification, writing and planning of socially responsible programs to be founded by non-governmental organisations (NGO’s).

A leading experience in promoting and engaging social responsibilities programs to create better conditions for small communities and women in deprived rural areas, fishing communities and rural workers. A lead coach in Development Programmes in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico and for charities in the former Yugoslavia (1988).


  • Spanish – mother tongue
  • English – fluent

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