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Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)

At Probyn Miers we do not undertake appointments from any individual or company known to be involved in unethical trading, unlawful discrimination, arms dealing or manufacturing, illegal drugs and any kind of human repression.

Probyn Miers is a member of the Association for Consultancy and Engineering and therefore we comply with the ACE Code of Business Practice.

As a firm, Probyn Miers is also a RIBA Chartered Practice and we comply with its Code of Professional Practice. As members of the Academy of Experts we follow the Academy of Experts Code of Practice.

In Probyn Miers we are committed to:

  • Working as Architects in accordance with the RIBA and ARB Codes of Conduct;
  • Working as Expert Witnesses in accordance with the Academy of Experts Civil Procedure Rules Part 35 procedures and complying with the Statement of Truth;
  • Bringing the highest standard of integrity and confidentiality to every appointment;
  • Exercising clear policy to avoid conflicts of interest;
  • Investing in and motivating our team members to achieve their own personal goals and continual personal development;
  • Continuing professional development;
  • Working to achieve our environmental policy objectives to work at reducing wastage and to encourage practical recycling in our office;
  • A health and safety policy that recognises that the control of all health and safety matters arising from our work activities is also a civil and statutory obligation.
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